blOOturtle delivery worldwide

Where to get our books We ship our books world-wide

You can order them via our online bookshop and we will send out either from Australia or from Germany.

In many countries, you have also the possibility to order them in bookshops. Thanks to our distributors a lot of countries are covered:

Australia / New Zealand

Thanks to Novella Distribution, you can ask in many bookstores, schools and libraries for our eco-friendly kids books.

If you prefer to buy it online, you can get it at e.g. Amazon and Booktopia

Germany / Austria / Switzerland

We are working with KNV, Libri and Umbreit which makes our books next day available in almost all bookshops.


Our books are registered with Nielsen Book which makes our books available to UK and Asia-Pacific through different distributors. Just ask your bookstore!

Rest of the world

Thanks to KNV, Libri, Nielsen Book and our online shop, we can deliver our books to almost every country in the world.