Ogie Needs A Dentist

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What would you do to avoid the dentist??

Recommended Age: 4-7 yrs

Karl Kokanee finds his friend Ogie in bed with a bad toothache and is surprised to learn that Ogie will do anything to not go to the dentist. Ogie is afraid of the dentist and convinces Karl there must be another option.  The two friends decide to try all kinds of alternatives in an effort to rid Ogie of his toothache.

Find out how Karl helps his best friend!!


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Tracy Weller-McCormack






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Nicola Ganaye

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3 reviews for Ogie Needs A Dentist

  1. Emma Loader

    This book is a great read for kids 5+. It is a great book to start to help your child to learn how to read, use their imagination and is very humorous.

  2. Tess (verified owner)

    What an awesome book! My 2 boys love love love it! We alternate nighly with the two Ogie books and my boys aged 3 and 2 years old just sit there and there imagination is just too cute! Its great and educational and a real beautiful way for kids to explore there imagination:) we are waiting for more Ogie books! Thank tou Blooturtle and to the Authors for writing such amazing books! Keep them rolling! Xox

  3. Audrey Wheeler (verified owner)

    Great story to read to children or for them to read on their own. Very well written and beautifully illustrated. It shows that our fears can be bigger in our minds than in actual life. Hopefully more books are coming soon.

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