blOO goes Halloween - DIY Halloween decorations ideas

DIY Halloween decorations ideas for Halloween

Simple, fast and spooky – great fun for the kids!


Soon is Halloween! – Time to get some funny and spooky elements to your home.

In the next days blOO collects here some ideas of really simple DIY Halloween decorations which you can easily do with your kids – even the smallest ones (from 2yrs+)! They don’t need fancy material and are fast finished (around 15 minutes).

All ideas are approved by children of the blOO team (3yrs and 5yrs). We didn’t prettify them – but you could if you would like to have it “nicer”. We leave them as they are, because its just “their stuff”.

Now, have fun and do some tricks!

Ghosts in a Jar - DIY Halloween decorations

Our first DIY activity sheet shows you how to make you a ghost in a jar. You need only a jar, an electric candle, some cotton wool, white cloth or handerkerchief and soon you have a spooky guest in your house. So simple, but with a big effect for your kids!

Get the Ghost in a Jar idea here

That’s a very easy one – your kids will be so proud! They could do almost everything on their own! – And its looks cute when you spread them everywhere in your home…on your shelves, on the table, …

Get the Mini Ghost idea here

DIY Halloween Mini Ghost
DIY Halloween Floating Ghost

Make yourself a floating image! Just for decoration or with a spooky lighting effect!

Get the Floating Ghost idea here

A walk in the forest with lots of treasures, that’s how we can get some nice Halloween decoration…

Get the Leaf Ghost idea here

DIY Halloween Leaf Ghost
DIY Halloween Crown

A beautiful but so simpel decoration idea for your kids bedroom or at the window!

Collect some nice branches and make a crown. With some nice elements you’ll have an eye-catcher made by your kids!

Get the Ghost crown here

In the times of Lego® Batman, you’ll need a Halloween Bat on your window! Very simple, but effective!

Get the Halloween Bats here

DIY Halloween Bats