What do we do @blOO? Sharing stories in an eco-friendly way

blOOturtle Publishing is a young, eco-friendly children’s book company. According to our slogan Thinking Kids, Thinking Planet! we combine fantastic and creative stories for kids with green, eco-friendly and hence, kid-friendly book production. We are involved in finding extraordinary stories that inspire and encourage kids while thinking of a healthy future for you and them.

All picture books produced and printed by blOOturtle meet globally highest recognised eco-friendly production standards

Our goal is to extend our catalogue with international stories from all five continents (so far we have only three!) in different languages, and supporting the good cause on the way.

Who is blOO? A turtle conquers the world


I was born in Western Australia, ironically in Shark Bay Marine Park. My mother told me through the egg that I should watch out for sharks and birds, because we are so precious and in danger.

As demanded, directly after hatching, I made my way to the sea. I had lots of companions who keeped calling me “Bloo” – I didn’t know why – and loved to stay close to me. “Stay with Bloo. He shines so wide.” Anyway, I lost most of my friends before I reached the water. And a few afterwards.

So I did what I was supposed to do…I swam. Which was nice and calm and I got to know so many different species and characters with lots of stories which impressed me. I just loved hearing stories….so I kept swimming and listening…


Swimming to an eco-friendly world

I travelled through South-East Asia, to the East Coast of Australia, further on to Canada. There I met the german girl Nicki who told me new stories, and also all about the environment, climate change, plastic in water and so on. As being an “endangered animal” like she told me, I was pretty interested…

We realized pretty soon that we are sharing the passion for stories and our planet, travels and languages.

So when Nicki returned to Europe, I followed her. There, we wanted to try to make a difference: to combine our passions with doing something good for this planet, for animals like me and for the human kids.

blOOturtle was born!!!

Who founded blOO? Travellers who share stories

blOO of blOOturtle

blOO Loggerhead-Turtle Story Expert

Born in Shark Bay Marine Park, and travelling the world right after hatching. blOO began listening to the adventures of everybody for about 20 years. Then he met Nicki in Vancouver, Canada, and followed her ideas to Europe. A love for children’s tales and a green (or blue) planet creates the base for a company who wants to make a difference: blOOturtle is born.


Nicola - Nicki - Ganaye Graphic Designer and Illustrator

Nicola’s love for bringing images to life began when she was very young. Born in Cologne Germany, she travelled the world meeting, learning and admiring the stories of all those she met along the way. Now settled in France with her young family, her love for good and inspiring kids books in combination with a healthy planet is something she is excited to share.