Australian Girl wins School Book Week competition with (Willow) Willpower!!! August 26, 2019 – Posted in: Books, Competition, DIY ideas for kids, Inspiration

We are so happy and so proud when this message received us.

Alexandra, an australian girl, loves so much our book Willow Willpower ans its message that she wanted to spread it. In this years Book week at her school the them was “super powers” – and what super power is better than the one we all have in ourselves?

To bring that idea to life, she constructed a plane – of course, sustainable with the help of old cartons – with her grandfather. And at the end she won also the prize for the overall costume.

If this isn’t inspiring?
With Willow Willpower we inspired a girl to inspire other children…this is more than we could have thought of.

Thank you so much, Alexandra!