Seed bombs for our bees! May 15, 2018 – Posted in: Blog, Books, Competition – Tags: , , , ,

Get some flowers with our seed bombs out there!

DIY seed bombs or get them directly from blOO…

We know that bees are endangered and that we really need them. So, why not helping them in a fun way!

Make yourself some seed bombs (or get them for free with your order at blOOturtle from the 5 mai until 30 june 2018). Its messy but simple.

For around 6-8 seed bombs, you’ll need:
4-5 tablespoons soil
4-5 tablespoons clay soil (in powder)
1 teaspoon seeds (best would be flower seeds for bees)

Mix it all together, then add water just as much to get a smooth but still firm “dough”. After that you form some balls (around the size of a walnut) and let them dry at a dry and not too sunny spot for about 2 days. After that you can use them!

Lay them at a spot of soil in your city. The rest will do the nature itself!

And if you want to enter in the competition to win your own bee sponsorship with certificate and your own honey jar! Post a photo or the address of your seed bombs at the blOOturtle FB site or send it via email to
For a second chance, send in a photo of the growing flowers! – And don’t forget to like the site!

Good luck!