Ballerina Monkey, book review by Julieann Wallace December 11, 2017 – Posted in: Books

10 December 2017 by Julieann Wallace

We are very happy that also known Book reviewer Julieann Wallace from Books and Tea Cups loves our book Ballerina Monkey.

Ballerina Monkey is a wonderful story about never giving up and seeking your dreams, even when your friends don’t support you. It is also a story about the power of the bystander, who, in this story is the King of the Jungle. Just because he approves of Malik’s dancing, the other teasing monkeys then decide that they do too.

Illustrator, Joe Ruiz, has created pictures rich in the colours of the jungle that will have children’s eyes focussed on each of the pages as the story is shared or read independently. Children will easily empathize with Malik’s emotions as they perceive his facial expressions as events occur in the story.

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