blOO thoughts to the Frankfurter Buchmesse October 17, 2017 – Posted in: Books

Frankfurter Buchmesse is in fact the world biggest event for the publishing word! So many people, events, companies…amazing! – It was really fun but also a lot of work being there.

But we told you to have a look on the environmental-friendly market up there. And the results are pretty disillusioning to be honest. We had a look in hundreds of different books with all the same result: no focus on eco friendliness. With only one exception, we couldn’t find one competitor who seem thinking the same like us.

Is it really that nobody cares what they give kids in the hands?
And no parent think about what that means to the future of their own? – We wouldn’t go this far, but maybe they just don’t think of it or don’t know it!?

We’ll see…