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Donation for Share the Dignity

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Between the 16 November and 2 December 2018, we donated

1 BOOK = 1 AU$

to support Share the Dignity’s Christmas #itsintheBag collection that aims to make life better for women and girls experiencing homelessness or poverty ahead of the festive season.

Have a look at the fantastic children book “Willow Willpower” with rave reviews from kids and parents alike and help with it!

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The meadow by Susan Bagdach

Nos trois enfants (5 à 10 ans), élevés dans la culture franco-allemande, ont beaucoup apprécié ce livre, tant pour la qualité des illustrations que pour la qualité du texte. La lecture de ce livre a permis des discussions familiales très intéressantes sur les thèmes de la différence, du racisme, du rapport aux autres… Je le conseille vivement et espère que ce livre sera prochainement traduit dans d’autres langues.

Hélène über Die Wiese

Book of the Month Ballerina Monkey

Ballerina Monkey by Nicole Madigan

Ballerina Monkey

The second picture book by Nicole Madigan lets us travel into a colorful jungle, featuring Malik the monkey. Malik is different to the other monkeys as he doesn’t want to climb the trees but wishes to learn the ballet from the flamingos – he wants to become a ballerina..

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The meadow by Susan Bagdach

The meadow 100% you, 100% real

An extraordinary children’s’ book with wonderful images about the abundance of life, dealing with exclusion and finding the courage to stand up for yourself. Available in German Only here, but soon in english available.

Hello, my name is Platypus The first story of our new hero

Platty of Plattypüssen is a very courageous platypus, living with his family in a river in Australia…until one day a big storm surprises him. Follow the first adventure of the little guy soon.

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