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What We Do @blOO

blOOturtle operates in two ways.  As a niche book publishing company and as a service provider to those who wish to self-publish. In addition to producing our own publishing catalogue, blOO also assists you in “doing it yourself” through our unique services packages. Our criteria is simple, if there is a bedtime, nap time, kid time story to be shared, we are happy to talk about how we can assist you.  

Who we are

A friendship of more than 15 years is the foundation of blOOturtle Publishing.

Having met many years ago while living in Canada. Initially a love of design is what brought Tracy & Nicola together.

Over the years Tracy shared the creative stories she would tell her, now adult, son in order to get him to go to sleep at night. With children of her own Nic now finds herself doing the same.

The two have talked about bringing their stories to life for many many years.  It occurred to both that mums, dads, aunties, uncles and others, often become uniquely creative when filling the needs of children.

If they were creating stories, Nicola and Tracy felt others must be as well. It was through their passion of story telling that blOOturtle Publishing was born.

Their goal is to bring these stories to life. blOOturtle wants the bedtime, nap time and kid time stories of the world to be shared.

Meet blOOturtle Who writes and publishes


Tracy Weller-McCormack Marketing Expert and Author

Born in Saskatchewan, and raised in the Okanagan, in Canada, Tracy began telling the adventures of Ogie to her son when he was a young boy.  Fast forward 18 years later and together with Nicola blOOturtle is born.  A love for children’s tales and adventures that otherwise would never have been told now have a place to be shared.


Nicola Ganaye Graphic Designer and Illustrator

Nicola’s love for bringing images to life began when she was very young.  Born in Cologne Germany, she travelled the world meeting, learning and admiring the stories of all those she met along the way.  Now settled in France with her young family, her love of bringing the characters and tales of others to life is something she is excited to share.