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Book of the Month Darcy and the Dinosaurs

Darcy and the dinosaurs

When Darcy can’t sleep, he decides to sneak to the kitchen for a snack. As he takes the last cookie from the jar, Darcy hears a strange sound coming from the garden. Curious, he creeps outside to take a look. What he finds takes him on an adventure he’ll never forget.

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Ballerina Monkey Finding the courage to follow your dream

Malik is not your average little monkey! Swinging and looping through the jungle trees does not bring him as much joy as it does his friends. Malik would rather dance! Sadly, he does not know how. Follow Malik’s adventures as he finds the courage to follow his dreams, and the importance of being his true self. 

Hello, my name is Platypus The first story of our new hero

Platty of Plattypüssen is a very courageous platypus, living with his family in a river in Australia…until one day a big storm surprises him. Follow the first adventure of the little guy soon.

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